An international seminar on Police, diversity and rights education organised by Multihuri and Valencia city council will be held on 28 June at Palau de Cervero (4 Cardenal Cisneros Sq). The conference brings together a range of key researchers and officials working in the field of diversity and equality. Javier de Lucas, professor of Legal and Political Philosophy at the University of Valencia, will open the seminar with a lecture entitled "The struggle for human rights: discrimination and cultural diversity". The following presentations will tackle historical issues, hate crimes and anti-discrimination law, the evolution of police institutions, social education, bureaucratic representativeness and rural areas. Click on the icon to read the full program.jpg

Ángeles Solanes will close the Course on intercultural mediation and diversity management in the Valencian Community (migracionesyciudadaní, currently in its third edition, with a conference on the accommodation of cultural diversity in Spain and Canada on 27 June at 17.00h, in Valencia University's Faculty of Social Sciences. By drawing on the Canadian experience, she will identify legal and policy instruments to integrate diversity while deepening democratic pluralism and protecting the exercise of fundamental rights. Access is free for the general public until seats are filled.

Among the many institutions involved in the management of intercultural conviviality, primary and secondary schools play a decisive role by virtue of their structuring influence on children’s attitudes and social relations. In a working paper recently published by Oxford University’s Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), Pier-Luc Dupont offers a theoretical synthesis of the relationship between education policies and the reproduction of racism in Western Europe. Based on a wide range of empirical studies, he shows that biased curricula interact with the scarcity of foreign-origin teachers and the ethnic segregation of pupils to catalyse out-group prejudice. He also puts forward a number of concrete measures and opportunities for political mobilisation aimed at reversing these trends.

To read the working paper, click here. For the associated COMPAS blog post, click here.

Ángeles Solanes, professor of Legal Philosophy at Valencia University and main investigator of the Multihuri project, will be at the University of Montreal (Centre d'études ethniques des universités montréalaises) to deliver a conference entitled "Managing cultural and religious diversity in public space: some European examples" on 28 April at 12:00. The presentation will analyse the debates currently being held in varios EU  states on the fundamental rights of foreign nationals, the use of religious symbols in public space and the opening of cemeteries and places of worship. This activity is promoted by Pierre Bosset, an internationally recognised expert on culture-based reasonable accommodations, and will also examine some possibilities of comparison with the Canadian model of diversity management.

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